Best Fashion Tips for Women Over 40

Cordell Davenport

                                    Best Fashion Tips for Women Over 40


Women over 40 is a very critical age to look beautiful and dress like a queen. In fact, it is not that scary age as some women nowadays describes. Today, a lot of women worry about how they dress up in this age, how they do their makeup, they don’t want to look too old not too young. But don’t worry about this…… you are still sexy, young by heart…..only need is to put a big smile on face with every attire. This will make you more beautiful and elegant. At the age of 40, the body of women is in transition, lifestyles are changing and many more things happen. As your body is changing you need to dress up according to your body shape. Women under 40 need to adapt every latest fashion trend that will work on them, bags and shoes are the quickest way to update your look.


Here are fashion tips that women over 40 need to be aware of-


What to avoid?


Here are few things which the women have to avoid under the age of 40.

  • Don’t dress too young.
  • Skip baggy clothes.
  • Do not choose the too dark color which you wore in 20’s. Try soft colors. Go with black, grey or white and blues.
  • You should know about your body type. Don’t try to flatter your body in each dress.
  • Avoid too short dresses. That will seriously look bad on you.
  • Avoid matching clothes. Try to mix the things.
  • Do not follow every latest trend sometimes these trendy clothes not look good on you. Dress up according to your style and personality.



What to wear?

Here are some fashion and beauty fix which you need to follow at an age of 40. So follow these quick fixes-


Wrinkled neck:  Try to bring focus to your face, wear Turtlenecks or turn-up collars. Shirt or dresses with this neck style look very attractive on you.

V or any other neckline will show your loose and wrinkled body so try to avoid this.


Don't be afraid to experiment: If you are in 40’s,  it doesn't mean you cannot experiment with the dresses. Try to wear looser dresses with cool jackets, add bold glasses, block heels. wear accessories with each dress.


Change in coloring: Don’t go with the bold colors. Try to wear soft colors like light pink, white and many more light colors. Go with bluish shades. Black is classy often go with this color.


Never say off to heels: In this age, heels look attractive. Try to add more heels to your shoe wardrobe. Choose two- or three-inch style as this size is comfortable and walkable. Avoid sneakers as these look too childish on you.

Coats and blazers: Go with the trench coats. And in blazers choose a well-fitted blazer with well-fitted pants. The whole suit will look very classy on you.


OPT FOR DARKER DENIM: As blue color look royal on you. So try to wear dark bluish color denim with the pair of heels. Avoid light color denim. Try to tuck the shirt in denim.


Avoid cheap clothes: Avoid to buy cheap clothes. Always go with good stuff. Choose nice Taylor for yourself. is your one-stop-shop for women's fashion in 2018. Find out how to wear the latest styles, plus fashion tips on how to flatter your figure.








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