Fashion Tips For The College-Going Girl!

Cordell Davenport

               Fashion Tips For The College-Going Girl!


College days are special. Here girls love to wear fancy dresses to entice boys. They create special wardrobe at home for college wearing dresses.  At college, they can wear anything they want, not like school where they need to wear boring school uniform. In today’s highly modernized world, fashion is the simple way to express the personality of any person. The statement of fashion is increasing day by day. Girls have a great sense of style but if we talk about latest fashion trend to wear at college then everybody gets confused. In this blog, We want to solve all your confusion regarding dress, style, accessories etc for the college going girl.


So if you want to Build a colorful wardrobe follow these stylish fashion tips for college going girls :


Crop Tops: For college going girls crop top is the best idea to look awesome. Style your crop top with high waist loose trousers or pants. High heels add extra classy look with this combo.


Basic tops:  Basic tops are the mains of wardrobe. These are evergreen. Never go out of trend. Try the top with neutral colors like white, black, and gray, peach and many more light colors. Try them in a different pattern like- tank top, V-neck, long sleeved, and t-shirts, cold shoulders.


Leggings: If you get bored with denim then go with the super cool leggings. These are very comfortable. If you have a slim body then style your leggings with the pair of the crop top. But if your physique is a little bit bulky then style your legging with a basic top or long top. If you want sporty look then try these straight fit leggings with the pair of sneakers.


Jumpsuit: Jumpsuit is the most lovable and comfortable dress of college going girls. Jumpsuit with large check print looks very trendy and elegant. It is available in many color and style. The jumpsuit is very easy and affordable dress for girls.


Velvet Skirts:

If your college doesn’t have any rule in clothing, then try the short pleated velvet skirt with the pair of cool top and classy blazer. This dress is an inspiration to other girls.


Short Capri:

Capri’s are one of the most valuable dresses of college going girls.  Try bold check prints Top and tie your hair properly with the Capri. In makeup, go with the dark color lipstick and complete your look with the pair of shoes.



Scarves are one of the fashionable outfits for college going girls. Style the scarf with the nylon and cotton top in different style give you to complete the stylish and elegant look.


Bright Yellow One Piece:

Yellow is the summer latest color. So if you are looking for the one piece go with the yellow color one piece.


Maxi dresses:

For the cool and gorgeous look, Maxi dresses are the best. These dresses come in different style and patterns but the black color dress is very girl favorite. is a perfect woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. Read on for fashion tips and more.






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