The Top Handbag Trends for 2018

Cordell Davenport

 The Top Handbag Trends for 2018

Bags always make the easiest way to update your look for a new season. And the good news for this spring and summer  The bags are always on trend. Nothing feels better than picking up a new handbag to take along with you everywhere in 2018. An expensive outfit is nothing without the trendy handbag. We have a few collections of handbags. Ahead, you'll find few of the hottest handbag trends that caught our attention-

Fringe On Your Bags

Fringe on the bag is the latest trend of 2018. Fringes look very cool on the bags. They enhance the look of bags. So try the pastel color fringed handbags.

Pvc bags

Transparent PVC bags are always on trend. Pvc bags come in the form of basket bags and with an artful hoop handle. So show off your favorite card case and expensive lipsticks in trendy PVC bags.

Satchels bags

Shop the small satchels bags. These are very trendy and easy to carry. These are also known as the sling bag. These bags suits with every dress whether it is traditional to dress or western. Pastel colors in satchels bags are the latest trend of 2018.

Belt bags

Belt Bags are very handy and easy to use. These bags come in the form of the belt. Tie the belt of a bag to your waist and you are ready for a cool look. These bags are small in size.


Designer backpacks once again swung back into fashion a few years ago. Backpacks are easy to carry, these are very comfortable. For college going girls, backpacks are the best option. Many popular celebrities caught with the fashionable backpacks.

Drawstring Pouches

The tiny velvet evening bag trend has morphed into something more everyday-ready. Pouches are very handy. These look very adorable on aged women. pouches are easy to carry your all makeup products. Pouch bag is the multipurpose bag.

Box Clutches

From mini clutches to larger, top-handled versions, the Bakelite box clutch is no longer reserved just for formal wear this season. Box clutches suit with every party wear dress. Disco dress without the clutch is nothing. Clutch add life to your whenever you step out for any party take a suitable hand clutch along with you. Clutches come in many pattern traditional and western. Traditional clutches are decorated with the pearls and diamonds whereas modern touch is given to the western clutches.


These are seven different handbag trends that'll take over 2018. For more fashion inspiration, visit


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