Top Reasons Why Marilyn Monroe Is Still Fashion Icon

Cordell Davenport

            Top Reasons Why Marilyn Monroe Is Still  Fashion Icon


Marilyn Monroe was the great Hollywood actress and a fashion icon. After the movie 'Ladies of the Chorus’ women started following her dressing style. Her dressing sense still attracts all the girls around the globe. In 2018, Marilyn Monroe's style is more present than ever, especially with fashions revisiting 1950s. From catwalks to red carpets, such as during the Cannes Film Festival, celebrities continue to sport copycat hairdos based on the sex symbol's famous locks. Her beauty also continues to fascinate the worlds of beauty and fashion.


If you want to look like Marilyn Monroe, then follow her clothing styles given below-


Watch your Colours

According to Marilyn Monroe never wear super bright colors. Except for primary colors. She only wore colors like white, cream, beige, black and all pastel shades. She likes to wear stripes or polka dots pattern clothes. She loves to rearrange the colors and to mix up the patterns.



For her shoes are the first thing that is noticed by other people. Peep-toe heels were her favorite. You could also opt for a nice pair of high-heeled white sandals like in the famous scene with the halter white dress. Generally, all pinup shoes will do ballet flats, red heels, kitten heels, traditional pumps, black stiletto heels and so on.


Accessorize your Outfits

Without accessorize an outfit is incomplete. Diamonds are the very graceful style your dress. Marilyn Monroe was always caught with the thick belts worn on the waist, black cat eye sunglasses, a white wide-brimmed hat, a gingham handkerchief wrapped around your head.



Marilyn Monroe was often found with the dark red lipstick. Marilyn was a natural beauty.  Due to fair complexion, she always wears light makeup. Smokey eyes with bold black eyeliner were her favorite look.


During the promotion time for her film “The Seven Year Itch”  Monroe was caught in the wind blowing up dress. This white dress was designed by  Billy Travilla and in 2011 her dress was sold in £2.8 million. Shoulder dresses trend was started by Monroe. White dress with the off-the-shoulder was followed by every girl in the street. Her favorite dresses are fitted dresses with the trench coat, classic Fifties-full skirted, white dress, low-cut, floor-length dress – teamed with her trademark blonde waves, black coat and floppy hat, bodysuit and fishnets, fisherman sweater, Casual and fresh in a white button-down shirt, knotted at the waist, and gingham pants.


Marilyn Monroe is indeed a fashion icon and still, millions of women follow her to style themselves on special occasions. For more fashion tips and hack follow 





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