Status of A Lady

What Does Being A Lady Mean To You? 

    A lady is well-dressed. She knows how to select clothing that is modest, age appropriate, and perfect for the occasion. She is well-groomed.  She understands that her personal appearance – the way she chooses to dress, groom, and carry herself – communicates instantly to others who she is.

    As you know not every man is a Gentleman.  Likewise, not every woman is a Lady.  
    So what is a Lady?

    • A Lady is well-spoken. Her words are kind and tactful.
    • A Lady manages her home and the needs of her family. 
    • A Lady demonstrates respect and restraint in her language.  
    • A Lady  is a thoughtful gift-giver.
    • A Lady is a woman of her word. She keeps her promises and obligations.
    • A Lady is known among her friends and family as someone who is dependable.
    • A Lady does not stir up drama.
    • A Lady has good personal hygiene.  She has well kept hair, nails, good breath, clean teeth, neat house etc.  

    The products you see on this website exhibit:

    1. Classiness
    2. Sexiness
    3. Confidence
    4. Elegance

    Our designs are purposely made to strike compliments.   What’s proven, is that compliments generate confidence.  If you don’t get compliments you will get asked, “That is cute girl, where did you get that?”

    Here is how our clothing is different...

    All of our designs are “digitally printed.”  This is a special process, because when this happens, the color infuses the material, rather than prints on top of  it.  The process is unique in that it involves dye that bond to the fabric fibers, rather than to the surface as most other apparel decoration does.


    With our process the images will not crack, peel or fade when washed!